ICYMI: New York Times - Cuomo Keeps His Distance

Sep 2, 2014

  Here's a great piece from the New York Times' Tom Kaplan.  Despite Andrew Cuomo's dubious reputation as a tactful politician, when he's actually on the stump, Cuomo is, well, awkward.   The Times details his inability to connect with voters on a personal level. In one... read more >

ICYMI: Rob Astorino Releases Bold New 15-Point Education Plan

Sep 2, 2014

  In case you missed it, Rob Astorino just announced his education plan earlier today.   Check out his release:   Astorino Releases Bold New 15-Point Plan to Improve Public Education in New York   New York spends the most per pupil in America, but... read more >

A Labor Day Message from the NYGOP

Sep 1, 2014

  Labor Day is about paying tribute to what makes our nation great: the determination, innovation and ingenuity of hardworking Americans.   Today we celebrate the tradition of hard work that built this nation.  America's economic leadership in the world is a testament to our... read more >

NYGOP Sends Eric Schneiderman Box of Plastic Deputy Badges

Aug 27, 2014

Republican Party offers to help Attorney General with next publicity stunt ALBANY...The NYGOP announced today that it has sent Attorney General Eric Schneiderman a box of plastic badges that he can use to deputize new Attorneys General.   Eric Schneiderman is sending the message that... read more >

ICYMI: #CowardlyCuomo Afraid to Debate

Aug 26, 2014

The New York Post published a great article this morning (and even reprinted our #CowardlyCuomo graphic on page four), while the Watertown Daily Times printed a scathing editorial about Cuomo's continued cowardly refusal to debate his opponents.   These are must reads! Give them... read more >

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